Modern lives are replete with advanced tech products. With the passage of time, technology is growing with an emerging rate and became an integral part of almost everyone’s daily lives. People of any ages and profession have gradually come under its sphere of influence. Similarly, it has created a major emphasis on the education process of students. Today’s schools are changing and implementing digitally advances tools into classrooms to increase the efficiency of the learning process.

The projector is one of the simple technologies that are found around in schools for decades. A projector displays interactive images on a flat base surface, which usually grabs the attention of the students. Smartboards operate like whiteboards, allowing a person to write on the surface with digital or real markers. Smartboards then record the written piece on the surface and convert it into a tangible visual element.

Another version is the Promethean board, which is a touch enabled digital computer screen. Herein, students can manipulate any image, control camera in the arctic circle and guide online explorations. The best part is that students can also access the internet anywhere with an access to signal. Students find the concept unique and prefer learning with Promethean board due to its explicit advanced facilities.

Gadgets like laptops, computers and phone have widely gained prominence and functionality in every classroom. These devices are becoming significant with time, which allows teachers to experiment with “flipped classrooms” techniques, where students watch video lectures outside the class and perform assignments within the class. It tends to retain their interests more than the traditional class room lectures.

Students get more engaged with their academic schedules and learn the modules much before time. Thus, it saves time for both the students and teachers. Gadgets are not only helping students to grasps academic knowledge but also increasing their creative thinking behaviour, where they try to incorporate new ideas into their schedules.