Gadgets and gizmos have become a relevant part of our lives by assisting us in various manners ranging from communication to accessibility towards a vast array of information. Increasing degree of innovations and advent of disruptive technologies has truly created an ongoing technological revolution. Virtual reality has emerged as one of the key emerging technology that has the potential to improve the user experience.

Virtual reality (VR) devices are set to influence various fields ranging from online retailing, digital gaming, development in animations and graphical interfaces and disrupt the technology sector and improved user experience by providing immersive experiences.

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The development of VR based products has evolved from headsets for gaming and VR gloves from full body VR suits within a timeline of 3-4 years. Thus, breakneck evolvement in cutting edge VR technologies ensured rapid product development and launch of VR based devices. The emergence of VR has created a niche market segments in the electronic industry for gaming and video enthusiasts.

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