Modern gadgets had become an integral part of our daily lives. Starting from laptops to smartphones, we are being the ultimate users of the gadgets and getting pervaded with its influence. The popular scientist, Albert Einstein once quoted that “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”. Unfortunately, technology innovations have penetrated every nook and corner of our daily lives.

If you are a working person or a home maker or a retired person, gadgets will anyway be a part of your life. Along with the positive traits, it also has various ill effects, which turns harmful for persons using it excessively. Holding laptops near your lap or skin is effectively injurious. The heat released from laptops causes a matte effect on exposed skin, which is often known as “toasted skin syndrome” can lead to skin cancer as well.

Effect of laptops on eyes is a major concern for today’s time. Experts advised that radiation emits from TV, radio and computers are of low energies. Laptop often generates thermal or heat radiation that directly affects our retina. Therefore, the best way to avoid laptop related issue is to place it on desk or tables.

Nowadays, the younger generation feels more comfortable using headphones. The sound waves that comes out of earphones are extremely strong in nature, which directly affects your ear drums. Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. The primary issues of this gadget are its heat effect. Mobile phones emit harmful rays, which stays back in ears even after the call is disconnected. The sound waves often cause headaches, stress, lack of sleep and frustration, etc. The younger generation is the primary user of this gadget, thus, the symptoms are found more among the same group.